Zeds Lifeless Reveals "THE LOST TAPES" This Friday [DETAILS]

Zeds dead throw it back with a brand new old school release THE LOST TAPES.

The bass duo, made up of DC and Hooks, released the news last night, unveiling an upcoming collection of some of their earliest works. These dubstep pioneers took to the stage in 2009 and soon made their presence known with their legendary remix of "Eyes on Fire" by the Blue Foundation. The rest is history, but we'll be hearing more about this timeline soon.

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We've been in the studio a lot this year and had the opportunity to dig a bit through the vaults while we worked on new music. This Friday we're sharing some of our findings. THE LOST TAPES is a collection of old school dubs and misplaced ID cards that have never been released before. Vol. 1 is 10 beats we made sometime between 2008 and 2009 with future volumes to cover other time periods.

In terms of the sounds, we can expect THE LOST TAPES to continue as a series that includes various unreleased productions at different periods in their careers.

The first issue of THE LOST TAPES will be available this Friday December 4th on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube. Look back here to listen when it falls.

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