YouTube, Spotify, Apple BANS rapper YG on alleged anti-Asian lyrics !!

Rapper YouTube’s music will be removed from YouTube, Spotofy and Apple Music after Asian company employees objected to the rapper’s lyrics, MTO News learned.

In the song Meet The Flockers, YG talks about breaking into the homeland of Asians. In the song, YG tapped that Asians are the best targets because they “don’t believe in bank accounts”.

The song – which described a break-in – did not use racial slurs against Asians or mention any form of violence against an Asian person.

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But in today’s world that is enough to be banned.

As of this morning, MTO News has confirmed that the song Meet The Flockers and the 2014 album My Crazy Life have been completely removed from the top three streaming platforms.

With all of YG’s other music that is about gangbang and violence against blacks, I’m still on the top three streaming platforms.

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