Xbox Sequence X Embraces the Memes with Branded Fridge Giveaway

Microsoft may not win the battle of the next-gen consoles when it’s all said and done, but I’ve got to give their marketing team credit for having a sense of humor at the very least.

When the Xbox Series X was revealed in all its blocky, 90-degree-angled, cuboidal glory, the memes weren’t far behind. One of the most notable and long-lasting memes for the upcoming next-gen system (releasing on November 10th) compared the new rig (which is basically a PC, c’mon) to a fridge. Microsoft took that meme in stride and actually went ahead and produced a few IRL fridges made to the similar specs of the Xbox Series X. And one of those fridges could be yours!

Want to win (the only) one? Good luck! You can check out the official rules here or click through the tweeted links below:

The one.

The only.

Xbox Series X Fridge giveaway.

Follow and retweet with #XSXFridgeSweeps for a chance to win the Xbox Series X Fridge.

Ends 11/04/20. Rules:

— Xbox (@Xbox) October 28, 2020


Microsoft’s been on the meme-appreciation circuit for most of 2020, at least since March:

Fridge for scale. #PowerYourDreams

— Xbox (@Xbox) March 16, 2020

But lately, they’ve stepped their meme game up, having sent a big ol’ fridge to Snoop Dogg and iJustine:

Now, if Microsoft truly wants to embrace the meme here, they’ll offer up a retro boombox that looks like the upcoming Xbox Series S. Fingers crossed!


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