Will Gwen Stefani ever return to the voice after Ariana Grande takes her place?

Will Gwen Stefani ever return to NBC’s The Voice after Ariana Grande takes her place? Interested people would like to answer this question based on an article in the upcoming issue of In Touch magazine on April 19, 2021. According to the publication, Gwen was devastated not to be put back on the program as she thought after Nick Jonas left the coach’s chair open, she would be returning to the show with her boyfriend Blake Shelton . Well that Ariana Grande is on the show, people have high hopes it will be a landmark season and some of Gwen’s fans fear she will never coach again! The voice Season 21 premieres this fall with Judges Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande and John Legend.

A source who told In Touch that Gwen’s heartbreak was passed over for Ariana Grande!

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Nick came when Gwen was pausing, but her heart was on returning. In fact, she expected it!

Not including anyone from The Voice Gwen Stefani I was talking about Gwen’s future with the show or the decision to go over Gwen with Ariana Grande. Plus, Gwen hasn’t confirmed reports that her heart was laid for returning to Season 21. Multiple reports say that Gwen is focused on her upcoming wedding to Blake and has a baby with him. These reports are also unconfirmed, but if it’s true that she and Blake have a child through a surrogate mother, it may be that there just isn’t enough time to be on The Voice in the upcoming seasons.

Ariana Grande fans can’t wait for her to appear on the show, and many believe that fans will never want her to leave once she’s on the hit series! Even so, there’s no reason Gwen can’t be a guest on the schedule like other previous coaches have.

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What do you think? Want to see Gwen Stefani return to NBC’s The Voice? Are you looking forward to Team Ariana? Do you think Ariana’s time at The Voice will be a game changer?

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