Watch Pat Sajak name out to an ungrateful Wheel of Fortune candidate after which apologize

Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak strangely attacked a candidate during a recent taping. The famous host later apologized for his outburst. After decades of hosting a game show, one can understand the temptation to potentially compete against a candidate who might score "ungrateful". Danger! Host Alex Trebek stayed in control for most of his career, but even he got frustrated from time to time, reminding everyone that hosting a game show is a job that involves a lot of work.

Oh my @patsajak almost lost it on this guy #

– Peter Bojarinov (@ russian98) November 26, 2020

In a Wheel of Fortune episode earlier this week Pat Sajak seems to lose patience for a brief moment just to bring it all back together. The whole problem had to do with the fact that the candidate Darin McBain successfully solved a riddle that asked for four objects that begin with the word "kitchen". The answers included closet, oven, towels, and sink. Although he won, McBain continued to ask if "kitchen stove" is something people actually say in real life.

Pat Sajak glanced at Darin McBain for a moment before raising his voice and jokingly describing the candidate as "ungrateful". Sajak is obviously kidding, but it looks like he meant business the first time he heard McBain make the point. McBain finished second at the end of the show when Sajak apologized for raising his voice while adding a joke. While the host is playing it off as a joke, some Wheel of Fortune fans seem to get the impression that he meant business, and when he wasn't, many believe he was in his right to do so.

In it, McBain's mother appeared on Wheel of Fortune 30 years ago, but she didn't make it difficult for Pat Sajak to solve a mystery. While there are many people standing next to the host, there are also some defending McBain's rights as a candidate to ask whether or not "kitchen stove" is a normal daily answer to a puzzle. Regardless, there is no way the candidate can know that Sajak would offend the question, even if he exaggerates.

Pat Sajak has hosted the Wheel of Fortune for almost 40 years after taking over Chuck Woolery in 1981. He has received 19 nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host and won three times. As of now, the 74-year-old has been tasked with hosting the show until 2022. From there, the network and Sajak will discuss where to go from there, which could mean a new moderator will be on the way. Thanks to Peter Barjarinov's Twitter account, you can watch the video of Pat Sajak battling a candidate above. You can watch the apology video below.

Then Pat follows him at the end and apologizes for yelling ????

– Peter Bojarinov (@ russian98) November 26, 2020

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