Virgin River Boss cancels the most important cliffhangers of the season two finale: What's subsequent for Jack, Doc and different favorites?


Spoiler alert: We're about to break down Virgin River's trio of season two shockers. You haven't finished looking? You know what to do.

If you've spent your vacation weekend filling your eyeballs with all 10 episodes of Virgin River's second season, you're probably experiencing strong emotions right now – fear, uncertainty, and of course, impatience.

Not only do we have to wait for the third season of Virgin River to find out what happens to our unfortunate favorites after episode 10, but since Netflix hasn't even technically renewed the romantic drama for another season, we have to wait for it ( Much like Mel and Jack's relationship, the show itself is kind of slow-burn.)

Let's start with Hope and Doc, who began the finale by deciding to hold an elaborate renewal ceremony with a suspiciously wedding-like reception. It was a long overdue turn of events for the previously dejected lovers that only made their final turn even more heartbreaking. As they walked into their home, where dozen of their closest friends were waiting to rob them with a surprise engagement party, Doc Hope began to say that he had some difficult news to share from a recent investigation. The partiers drowned out any chance he should have worked out, so we went to showrunner Sue Tenney to find out more.

"Doc has a few things in the (next) season," Tenney told TVLine, describing his new situation as "a complication that will challenge him and his relationship with Hope." He will rise to the challenge, but it is a real complication for him, especially for him who will practice medicine in the future. Will he still be able to do that? The clinic and the city are his life, so we're going to investigate this seriously. "

Meanwhile, Preacher accepted Jamie's offer to cook in San Francisco, but the arrival of two familiar faces threatened to derail his travel plans. Wes & # 39; twin brother (?!) Not only warned Preacher with a warning (“One way or another she'll pay for what she did to my brother!”), But Paige / Michelle's son Christopher returned back to Virgin River in the finals asking for preacher, "Can I stay with you?"

Again, Tenney doesn't want to give too much away, but she reminds fans of one thing about Preacher as they theorize about his next steps: “If you watch the show you know how this character will react to a cull. "(In other words, we didn't see the last of him. Not even anywhere.)

Of course, we saved the biggest cliffhanger – Mel who discovers Jack is bleeding from a shot on the bar floor – in the end. All Tenney can say is that a potential third season would "try to find out who shot Jack" and pose a puzzle that could play out "over several seasons". How long Jack has to recover before the action starts again, Tenney says we can "expect a bigger time jump than between seasons 1 and 2."

Tell us: Did you enjoy watching Virgin River Season 2? Which of the cliffhangers will take up the most space in your brain by the time we hear of a season three renewal? Then rate the finals and season below Leave a comment with your full rating.

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