TI sends prayers to DMX: “Your testimony is invaluable”

TI supported DMX these days and so is Little Harris , Tips woman. They flooded her social media account with royal thoughts and prayers for DMX after what had happened.

Check out some of the latest posts from Tip on IG.

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“Another reason we need you dog … Your testimony is invaluable. #PrayersUpForDMX ‘tip wrote.

Someone said, “You can’t get upset about someone if you know what to expect from them,” and another follower wrote, “X had a lot of problems … I mean a lot … but damn him is it.” A good guy, you could say if you listen to him talk. So much passion. ‘

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Someone else wrote, “It’s so real and raw, so needed and necessary, that it always resonates with me … I pray for a healthy supernatural recovery for DMX🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾.”

Another follower said: ‘He always kept it’! So much love and respect for this black man who likes us all … have a story to tell! ‘

One fan wrote, “So much wisdom and pain in one person. I love you dog. Get it out. Another certificate is required. ‘

Tip also shared the following post:

One devotee said, “Yes, the Holy Spirit does. I ask him to connect it to his body and wake up! He’s still on this side for a reason. Get him off balance. Wake up in Jesus name when he called Lazarus from the tomb! ‘

Someone else wrote, “Stay encouraged with his family. No matter what he looks like, he’ll work here again. Because GOD is not an egg,” and one fan wrote, “I’m from Yonkers and lived a block.” from Schlobaum, where X grew up. I don’t know him personally, but I have some family members who do – he fought many demons in life but always had a relationship with God. Prayers that X will recover, come back stronger than ever and share his testimony of God’s glory! #dmx #yonkers #legend. ‘

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