The Witches Ending: How And Why It is Very Totally different From The Unique Film’s Ending

How The Witches Differs From The 1990 Version

The 2020 version of The Witches differs from the 1990 movie most in terms of the ending. In the previous version the children do not remain mice through to the credits of the film. After the Grand High Witch is turned into a rat though in a more public sequence in the dining hall of the hotel, the main character (Jasen Fisher’s Luke in this version), does remain a mouse. The boy and Bruno are content with their new forms as mice and Luke gets an adorable small home to sleep in. 

However, the character of Miss Susan Irvine is the X factor here that changes some of the plot line between these two adaptations. Miss Irvine is a witch too, but an assistant to the Grand High Witch, who is mistreated and quits the society. At the end of the 1990 movie, Miss Irvine pays Luke a visit to turn him back into a boy and return his own mice to him. It’s a happy ending.

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