The unique saved by the bell forged performs a theme tune (with a couple of twists!) On the Tonight Present – Watch


Already burned by the bell from Peacock's rescue? It's all right … because Jimmy Fallon hosted another Bayside meeting.

On the Monday episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon and house band The Roots played a nostalgic cover of Saved by the Bell & # 39; s original title track with cheesy graphics and that cute electric guitar solo.

They are joined by the original SBTB actors Mark-Paul Gosselaar (alias Zack Morris), Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly Kapowski), Mario Lopez (AC Slater) and Elizabeth Berkley Lauren (Jessie Spano), who sing along to the regular lyrics of the title song, while they also add some remixes of their own. (Lopez, a man of many talents, has now played a handsome Colonel Sanders and tapped with The Roots & # 39; Tariq Trotter in a week.)

Not featured in the video are Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle) or Dustin Diamond (Screech), though Voorhies made brief appearances in Peacock's Revival and returned when Lisa returned in an episode that also reunited Zack, Kelly, Slater and Jessie for a Bayside fundraiser were. Diamond, who has distanced himself from the show since the publication of the Behind the Bell scrapbook in 2009, is not in the resurrection, despite the fact that the reunion episode lets us know of Screech's current whereabouts. And they're as strange as you'd expect.

Press PLAY at the top to see The Tonight Show play the full SBTB theme song, then write a comment with your thoughts on the cover.

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