The order was canceled on Netflix

The school is closed forever to Belgrave University students. Netflix canceled the supernatural drama The Order after two seasons.

The show's creator, Dennis Heaton, confirmed the rejection in two tweets, some of which said, “For two seasons it was an honor to work on The Order for Netflix with an incredible cast and crew. Sorry, we're not going back, but I'll always cherish the memories and props that I stole. Thank you all for watching. "

Set at the fictional college mentioned above, the Order records the constant power struggle between the Knights of Saint Christopher (also known as Werewolves) and the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose (also known as Witches). The season two finale, which ended on June 18, found unlikely allies banding together to stop the "magical apocalypse," a catastrophic event that ended with the shocking death of a main character.

The series starred Jake Manley (iZombie) as Jack Morton, Sarah Gray (DC's Legends of Tomorrow) as Alyssa Drake and Louriza Tronco (Disney Channel & # 39; s Zapped) as Gabrielle Dupres. Other actors were Adam DiMarco (The Magicians) as Randall Carpio, Thomas Elms (Motherland: Fort Salem) as Hamish Duke, Devery Jacobs (American Gods) as Lilith Bathory and Katharine Isabelle (Hannibal) as Vera Stone.

TVLine's Streaming Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the order cancellation. Were you a fan of the cult Netflix hit? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on The Order.

It's been an honor to work on The Order for @netflix for two seasons with an amazing cast and crew. It's one of the best experiences of my career. Sorry, we're not returning, but I will always treasure the memories and props I stole. Thank you for watching.

– Dennis Heaton (@ DennisHeaton2) November 14, 2020

PS – Jack would totally raise Alyssa from the dead, but she would come back wrong. Like Pet Sematary wrong. Probably obsessed with Zecchia. And a number of other bodies came back with her.

– Dennis Heaton (@ DennisHeaton2) November 14, 2020

I'm sorry it took so long to tell you, but The Order won't be back. We are incredibly grateful that we had the 2 insanely fun seasons. And we're family forever now. Cheers Acolytes, thank you very much for making this experience so nice ????????????

– Katharine Isabelle (@Katie_Isabelle), November 14, 2020

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