Tegan and Sara join Beach Bunny on the new version of Cloud 9: Listen

Tegan and Sara have joined Beach Bunny, the Chicago band led by singer and guitarist Lili Trifilio, on a new version of their song “Cloud 9”. The original appeared on Beach Bunny’s 2020 album Honeymoon. The revised version of the song includes updated lyrics that include gender-neutral and feminine pronouns. Hear it below.

“We’re huge Beach Bunny fans, and when we first heard ‘Cloud 9’ we fell in love with the brilliant lyrics and addicting melody,” said Tegan and Sara in a press release. They added:

We love that Lili let us experiment to change the chorus pronoun to her. The effort to make the song accessible to everyone isn’t just inclusiveness, we think this is a great indication of the band’s flexibility and creative spirit at its core!

Last year Tegan and Sara released a new song called “Make You Mine This Season”. Her last album was in 2019 Hey, I’m like you.

Tegan and Sara High School, which is being turned into a TV series, was named one of Pitchfork’s “Best Music Books of 2019”.

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