Supernatural's Misha Collins displays on Castiel's & # 39; Badass & # 39; introduction and the hazards of his iconic entrance


Twelve years ago, Supernatural introduced an angel into the world of Winchester when Misha Collins made his castiel debut in the season four premiere – and literal sparks exploded on the screen as the audience exclaimed, "OMG!"

Cas' first scene – one of TVLine's most memorable character entrances – was impressive on several levels: the revelation that angels existed and that God had sent Castiel to resurrect Dean for working for the hunter was of enormous importance to mythology Meaning. The moment is also an icon for its unmistakable dialogue (“I am the one who clutched you tightly and woke you from ruin”) and the indelible image of Cas walking slowly into the shed in a trench coat, bullets from him bounce off and sparks emit from the lights above.

Looking back on his intro, Collins recalls how fiery the situation got with the practical implications on set. "We had squibs on my chest and they exploded and I shouldn't be at all worried," Collins told TVLine ahead of the show's final season. "It's like a shot. It's very irritating. So I tried not to react to gunshots at my body, and it was really hard."

In addition to this challenge, "those sparks came down from the lights," continued Collins. "So they fogged my hair so it wouldn't catch fire, but I remember the hot sparks that landed on my scalp and heard the sizzling sound, and it hurt and tried not to respond to that either. And then gave me (director) Kim (Manners) an instruction: "Let's go again and try not to be so squeaky."

But the pain was worth it, because when Collins first saw Castiel swing his angel wings in all their glory on TV, he said, "Oh, that's kind of a badass," the actor said. "It was a great character introduction, and at the time I don't think I really got over the fact that it was a cool character introduction."

As a newcomer to the show, which had a certain character style at the time, "I think maybe I was doing something different tonally than usual on the show," added Collins with a laugh. “But because my character was a new kind of being, an angel, it kind of worked. So it was just a godsend. "

Prior to booking the career-changing role, "I'd never done a show like Supernatural," noted Collins. "I really hadn't seen the show so I didn't even know what the tone was, and I didn't know what was really happening. I just saw it as another guest appearance that wasn't a big deal and I kind of didn't put a lot of emphasis on it, I think. "

But when Collins arrived in Vancouver, he immediately realized that he was going to have a special experience. Before he even started filming his first episode, the tone was set for a long and unforgettable journey.

"One thing that brought me back a little when I first got to the set was how warm and welcoming the production and crew were," recalled Collins. “Supernatural did this thing, that is, they had a welcome folder for guest stars, and it was a three-ring folder with menus and restaurants and a map of Stanley Park and suggestions of things to do and see while you are in town. and it was just this oddly inviting thing they did. And then Kim Manners let me come and meet him while he was filming another scene that I wasn't a part of. It felt more welcoming than I had ever seen it on TV. "

The Supernatural series finale will air this Thursday, November 19 at 9 / 8c on The CW, following a retrospective special at 8pm. Here you will find all the content of TVLine's Supernatural Finale Week.

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