Stephen King has only just seen the Fight Club for the first time, but he has a really good reason for that

There are a number of advantages to seeing a great movie when it’s first released. First and foremost, there is usually the chance to see in a theater, which means enjoying the cinematic experience and great sound, but also keeping in mind the zeitgeist: the excitement of seeing a movie that everyone else is watching to create a special moment to discuss and analyze in detail. Over time, these options and opportunities diminish – which in turn can reduce demand and the sense of immediacy.

This is a mindset that may ultimately explain why famous writer Stephen King only recently saw director David Fincher’s 1999 cult classic Fight Club … the feature during its first theatrical run. After all, he was recovering from a notorious accident at the time, and in his opinion he would not have been able to remember it even if he had seen it.

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