Sons of Sam: Netflix Docuseries is getting a cool trailer

The four-part series suggests that David Berkowitz did not work alone.


Netflix has released the first trailer for its latest documentary miniseries. Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness. The new film follows David Berkowitz and his widespread murder attack that began in New York in 1976. Berkowitz, also known as son Sam, was responsible for the murders of six people, but the documentary will explore the theory that he did not act alone. Journalist and author of Ultimate evil Maury Terry long believed that Berkowitz couldn’t be the only culprit and launched the theories that these serial killings were part of a bigger picture.

Sons of Sam will feature news coverage from the time of the murders, interviews with people closely related to the investigation, and Terry’s own investigation and testimonials. While we can see a fair bit of Terry in the trailer, there won’t be any recent footage of the author, who died in 2015. The trailer for the new documentary is pretty scary and sure to shed new light on the Berkowitz case, shocking many of its viewers.


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Directed by Joshua Zeman (Cropsey, Murder Mountain) and Executive Produced by Sara Enright, Zara Duffy, Dave Sirulnick, Jon Kamen, Joshua Zeman, Josh Brown and Dan BraunSons of Sam will be a four-part series with 60-minute episodes.

All episodes can be streamed on Netflix starting May 5th. Check out the official trailer and recap of Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness below.

“The hunt for“ Son Sam ”fascinated the world in the late 1970s, but the story behind one of America’s most notorious serial killers is all but forgotten – until now. While the arrest and conviction of David Berkowitz ended the nightmare for many New Yorkers, journalist and Ultimate Evil writer Maury Terry, the real puzzle was only just beginning. Terry, convinced that Berkowitz had not acted alone, would spend decades proving that the web of darkness behind the murders ran deeper than anyone had thought – and his pursuit of this elusive truth would eventually cost him everything. Filmmaker Joshua Zeman draws on archive news, conversations with those closest to the investigation, and Terry’s own words and files to tell a cautionary story about a man who walked into a rabbit hole and never came out. But did Maury Terry only hunt ghosts – or are the real sons Sam still out there … ”

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