SNL: Watch Keegan-Michael Key and Kenan Thompson’s security guards shut down Heckler’s Muppet Show

On Saturday night live this weekend, the two Snarky Hecklers from The Muppet Show finally got what they have been waiting for decades: some are pushing back.

In the clip (embedded above) the always grumpy Statler and Waldorf got into one heated argument with bouncers (played by host Keegan-Michael Key and actor Kenan Thompson) when they tried to criticize Kermit’s performance. After Kermit told the audience that the show was going to be an explosion, Statler barked, “Yeah, because it’s a bomb!” But this time they were quickly put to work.

“Everyone here paid good money to hear this little dragon and his friends do their thang,” Key’s character yelled at the men, referring to Kermit, who, as we all know, is very much a frog. “You are more than welcome to go!” he repeated comically with heightened anger and pitch.

And then things took a violent but very satisfying turn, which resulted in Thompson breaking fists in the middle of the sketch shortly after he started.

Melissa Villaseñor also appeared, playing a very indifferent Lily Tomlin who wondered, “Why do I always say yes to things like this?” (Turns out a Grace and Piggy parody didn’t quite tickle the actress’s imagination.)

Elsewhere in the sequence, the series of sketches engaged the “Patron Saint of Purell” – also known as Dr. Anthony Fauci of Kate McKinnon – to ease confusion about the CDC’s new mask guidelines (see the cold opening here). Olivia Rodrigo also visited the studio to perform her hit single “Drivers License”.

What did you think of SNL’s muppet parody? And what grade do you give Keys hosting debut? Sound off below.

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