Seven Lions teams with Wooli and Amidy on the latest single “Shadows” on Ophelia Records [LISTEN]

Seven Lions are becoming more and more influential Ophelia Records delivers his latest single, a team performance of the melodic dance icon Seven lions, Wooli and For sale.

The production begins softly with a chant supported by a minimal production. During this first verse the sound builds up and results in a slight, melodic bass drop. After the first verse, the song takes a turn for the heaviest, a common move from the Seven Lions playbook. Heavy Dustep takes over briefly from here before returning to the slick, euphoric sound that dominates most of the song.

Wooli has been a standout player on the Ophelia roster since his 2019 hit “Islands”. Since then he has released “Over You” and “Nothing Left” for the label, as well as several remixes. The single is Amidy’s second release on the label, along with other notable releases on Monstercat and Dim Mak.

The single is Seven Lions’ first of the year and follows his most recent remix album in 1999 EP.


Seven Lions, Wooli & Amidy – “Shadows”

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