Secrets of Sulfur Springs renewed for Season 2 on Disney Channel


Questions about the secrets of Sulfur Springs’ Griffin, Harper and Savannah that may have gotten stuck in the 1930s, as well as the identity of the old rocking chair man, are imminent replied that the Disney Channel has renewed the science fiction drama for the second season.

The time travel series, which premiered in January and quickly scored comparisons with Netflix’s Stranger Things, will go into production in June, according to the network.

In case you haven’t checked, Secrets of Sulfur Springs follows friends Griffin (Preston Oliver) and Harper (Kyliegh Curran) as they harness the power and wonders of a portal they discovered that allows them to step back in time to travel . During their forays into the past, the two solve puzzles and uncover clues to New Orleans and the Tremont Hotel, which Griffin’s family bought and where they live while renovating it.

In season 1, Griffin and Harper found Savannah (Elle Graham of Swamp Thing), a girl who had disappeared decades earlier. And in Season 2, the series will delve deeper into Harper’s family history and its connection to the Tremont. Solving puzzles can come at a cost, however, and what starts as an informational mission soon turns into an eye-opening adventure that threatens to tear Harper and Griffin’s friendship apart.

Although Timeless and other fantasy dramas have addressed the bigotry that black and brown time travelers would experience, this is a heavy subject for a mystery series aimed at girls ages 6-11. But Sulfur Springs (# 1 according to Disney Channel) the cable offering among girls in this demo cleverly addressed the topic in episode 10, titled “No Time Like the Present.” In it, Griffin and Harper traveled to the 1960s to find Savannah, but Harper is banned from entering the Tremont because it has the laws of Black and Jim Crow in full force.

Creator Tracey Thomson said she chose not to shy away from the topic because she wanted Secrets of Sulfur Springs fans to be entertained and informed.

“Griffin and Harper have been on the same adventure from the start – they share the wonder, confusion and excitement of time travel,” Thomson recently told TVLine. “By sending it to 1962, we were able to explore the realities of the era from two completely different perspectives. While Griffin is blind to the obvious discrimination, Harper prepares for it from the moment they step back in time. This shift in dynamics continues into the present. “

Season 1 of Secrets of Sulfur Springs is currently streamed on Disney + and available on DisneyNow.

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