Rita Moreno Documentary Trailer Reveals the Life of a Legend

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Roadside Attractions and Vertical Entertainment have released the first trailer for Rita Moreno: Just a girl who chose to do it. The documentary gives us a glimpse into the life and career of one of the most emblematic artists of all time. The Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It trailer is more than just a celebration of Moreno’s accomplishments. It shows that the film intends to shed the spotlight on many of the issues the Puerto Rican actress faced behind the cameras over the course of her 70+ years in Hollywood.

The trailer opens up details about Moreno’s amazing career. A Broadway to Hollywood star who went through television and the music industry, Moreno garnered dozens of awards and nominations in recognition of her amazing work. The trailer then reminds us that in addition to being a star, Moreno is also a Latino icon who, after overcoming poverty in Puerto Rico, inspired people to become one of the most influential faces in the film industry for decades. It’s worth noting that Moreno is the only Latina to ever win an Oscar for best actress for her supporting role in West Side Story.

Rita Moreno documentary

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As the trailer reveals, not all was light for the star, who suffered sexual harassment, objectification, and racism while battling for space in Hollywood. Instead of bringing her down, all of these obstacles only gave Moreno the energy to fight for representation and equality, and paved the way for new generations of artists.

Rita Moreno: Just One Girl Who Chose It, premiered at Sundance in January and received critical acclaim. Now that a commercial release is scheduled in theaters this June 18th, everyone can find inspiration in Moreno’s trajectory. You can check out the trailer below:

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