Right this moment's Bobbie Thomas talks about the reason for loss of life of husband Michael Marion

Shortly thereafter Bobbie Thomas announced the death of her husband Michael MarionThe Today-style contributor provided insight into his cause of death.

The morning show star reported on her spouse's health struggle in a statement released on Monday, December 7th. "From the day we first met, Michael and I enjoyed 12 wonderful years together," she began in her message to Today. "He brought so much compassion, patience, understanding, and stability into my life and taught me more about love than I could ever put into words. While I was becoming more and more comfortable with sharing my life with the public, Michael was more private."

In April 2019, Marion suffered an ischemic stroke. Thomas said today that Marion "worked hard to recover from his stroke and made such progress that he made plans to return to work" where he was a lawyer. However, she said he was later hospitalized again. "He ended up in the hospital because of problems with multiple organ systems," she noted in the statement, "separate from his stroke 18 months ago and independent of Covid-19."

In her message, Thomas noted that her husband was "sensitive and silly, but so stoic and brave that I couldn't understand". She added, "I will forever be grateful for the time I had with him. He was so worth it."

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