Reality star Hazel E’s botched “Mommy Makeover” operation – lost her breasts!

Former LA love and hip hop star Hazel E is recovering after suffering complications from a mommy makeover operation that allegedly botched her in Turkey. And now Hazel claims that she “lost her breasts”.

Hazel flew to Turkey for plastic surgery after she had her baby – and MTO News learned the reality star says she almost died after her breast implants became infected.

Hazel had the procedure at a surgical center that was prominently advertised on Instagram. At first everything seemed fine, but things quickly went bad.

According to Hazel, MTO News has learned that the reality star should stay in Turkey for two weeks to recover. But she stayed for almost a month.

Hazel initially got a tummy tuck and breast implants. But her implants got infected, according to the reality star. After several transfusions, MTO News learned that Hazel said doctors were forced to “remove her breasts.”

Hazel is now back in the US and recovering. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Here is a video of Hazel crying in pain after surgery:

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