R&B singer Usher accused of shoplifting; Called a “thief” & “booster”

Earlier this week, R&B singer Usher was accused of tipping Las Vegas strippers with fake money. Now, as MTO News has learned, the R&B singer has been accused of shoplifting.

Two former employees of high-end boutiques used social media to describe alleged incidents with Usher. And both employees have worryingly similar reports – where they claim Usher tried to “step up” clothing from their stores.

The first person to blow up Usher is a former Los Angeles employee named Brian Jimenez. According to Brian, when Usher worked at a high-end retailer, he was trying to “reinforce” a jacket.

Here is his account.



Shortly after Brian told his story, another former employee, this time a woman named Patty from New York, gave her report. According to Parry, Usher walked into the high-end Soho store, The Atrium, where she worked. She claims Usher tried to steal from them.

This is what he had to say:


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