Queen Elizabeth II publishes a touching tribute to Prince Philip on her birthday

The Queen broke her silence after the death of her husband. Prince Philip on April 9th! The monarch mentioned that the royal companion had left a massive influence on the whole world and of course on those close to him!

Queen Elizabeth II remembers her life partner, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 99.

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They were married for no less than 73 years, so there is no doubt that his death must be really difficult for the Queen to face.

In a statement she posted today, which also happens to be her birthday, Queen Elizabeth honored her late husband saying:

“Today, on the occasion of my 95th birthday, I received many good wishes that I really appreciate. While we are at a time of great grief as a family, it has been comforting to see and hear the honors paid to my husband from the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world. My family and I would like to thank you all very much for your support and kindness that has been shown to us over the past few days. ‘

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She added, “We were deeply touched and we continue to be reminded that Philip had an extraordinary influence on countless people throughout his life.”

Prince Philip died of an infection after a three week hospital stay.

He eventually needed heart surgery and although he was reported to have recovered, he eventually died anyway, probably due to his age.

He and Queen Elizabeth met as children in 1937 and were married a decade later!

A 1947 Guardian article that followed the wedding said it was clearly a marriage of choice, not an agreement.

Sure, their marriage lasted over seven decades and they had four children and eight grandchildren.

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