Pop star Lizzo reveals her new boyfriend: Muscular Black Guy w / Dreads !! (Images)

Pop singer Lizzo has a new boyfriend – and MTO News has learned that he’s hot, at least from afar. Lizzo, who recently had her birthday, went on a romantic getaway with her new “hot” Bae.

The two stayed together on a secluded private island where they could share intimate moments, MTO News confirmed.

Here is an enlarged picture of the two in the water. The man appears to have a chiseled body, is black and is scared.



And here’s the video Lizzo posted – we blew up the part that showed her and her new bae.

Here is the caption Lizzo did for the video:

This was the best birthday ever. I love to give and it is so difficult for me to receive. This year I finally accepted the love that people have been waiting for to give me back. I know it’s not easy, but I beg you to allow yourself to be loved. The whole world is waiting to give you everything you deserve – all you have to do is open your arms. Thank you to my friends and family and loved ones, you are all my soul mates. I am so glad to have you guys. You don’t get the best days of your life twice – so let’s do more! ❤️

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