Pennyworth's Emma Paetz talks about an surprising alliance, that bat-baby impediment, and a, um, enlightening battle


When Pennyworth opened season two, the good news was that Thomas Wayne survived being shot at the end of season one. However, given the reaction from friend Martha Kane, he may wish otherwise to the news that he got engaged while returning to Stateside.

That stone block added to the couple's argument that Thomas's CIA remains neutral when it comes to the civil war waged by Lord Harwood's neo-fascist Raven Union. All in all, tough times are ahead for those who will one day (soon) receive a future Batman.

Epix & # 39; "Batman Prequel" continues the second season this Sunday at 9 / 8c. A two-part final in the off-season will follow on December 27th. (The remaining episodes are planned for some time in 2021.)

TVLine spoke to Emma Paetz about Martha Kane's revival as a modern woman in the 60s, her clashes in season two, and at least one unexpected alliance.

TVLINE | This is the first time you and I have had a chance to chat. Did this role turn out to be a lot more fun than you ever expected?
Yes I think so! When I first signed up I had read episodes 1-2-3-4 of season one so I didn't know where Martha was going, but (EP) Bruno (Heller) continued to set her on an unexpected path and travel. Also in season 2 she is in the middle of the fight as part of the No Name League. In my career, I didn't really see myself as someone who was going to take on these types of roles, so it was pretty cool.

TVLINE | Now remind me: canonically, do we know so much about Martha Kane? Or did you all have a pretty clean board to work with?
Not much is known about Martha, to be fair. She is just really in the Batman universe as "his mother". I think we know a little bit more about Thomas (Ben Aldridge) in canon so there was a lot more room to play and maneuver with Martha. I think we felt a lot of freedom with the characters for both Ben and me because not that much is known about them personally.

TVLINE | One of the things that I enjoyed in the second half of season one, and that continued through the season two premiere, is that at least one, and maybe both, can flirt so terribly. Was that fun to play?
(Laughs) At least in my life experience, romantic situations aren't really smooth and things are uncomfortable. Given how rocky their relationship began, it wouldn't be realistic at all for these two people to have moved to a more romantic realm if it weren't for a little strange.

TVLINE | What is fun about Martha is at the end of the day, she's almost one of the boys. We see that in the season two premiere – she's sitting there in pants, her legs crossed like a man, and the way she colorfully summed up the extent of her and Thomas "relationship" … I couldn't believe that she said what she did.
What I really enjoy about playing Martha is how much she is a modern woman in the 1960s. She is also a modern American who has a very different social stratification than Britain, where she is on this show. The juxtaposition of it and the comparison with the kind of women Thomas meets in the circles in which he finds himself … Martha enjoys playing against this expectation.

TVLINE | We just found out that Thomas is engaged to someone else – and yet we were promised the second season of a baby bat. How is that going to develop? Because Martha looked pretty cheesy.
I don't think anything goes so smoothly for Martha and Thomas in their dealings – and Season 2 continues on this path.

TVLINE | What cool things do you have to do as an actress in season 2?
There's a lot of action stuff, so I had to do gun training, which I wouldn't have thought necessary – and that was pretty wild. I know a lot of the guys did a much longer version of this mini-workout last season, but…. I wasn't sure how to go about it, and the day we had to shoot some of these scenes, I was really nervous. But then I wanted to do another take and another take because when you do it it's really a call.

When you act you always try to forget what is going to happen and just take yourself a little bit out of your head and body. So in order to fire a semi-automatic weapon even though it contains spaces, a literal explosion occurs. It's a very good way to clear the slate of your brain and get involved with something. I really enjoyed that.

TVLINE | Who will Martha lock the horns with in season 2?
Who is she not? (Laughs) Martha is still striving for what she believes is right as an individual and as part of this bigger cause, but you can see that Martha has hooked up with other people more than last season. She is a little closer to other people.

TVLINE | Because Bet Sykes (Paloma Fath) seems to have a new bee in her hood. I would love to see the two crash together.
Yes! Yes. I don't know, you have to see …

TVLINE | Any friends for Martha beyond Thomas?
Throughout the season she gets a lot closer to Aziz (Ramon Tikaram) (assistant inspector) and I really liked that. In fact, it was really unexpected – they have a very nice relationship, and it's nice to see Martha interact with someone she really admires and looks up to and who has no level of disdain for her – which is very rare to meet them in one person!

Someone else Martha got along with unexpectedly is (Thomas & # 39; sister) Patricia Wayne (Salóme Gunnarsdóttir). They have one thing in common with their “knocking Thomas off the pedestal” and you see more of them doing that.

TVLINE | Is there any other general relief of what's to come?
Hmmm…. Well, Martha could be involved in some fights that involve nudity. And not necessarily from her!

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