Oxenfree 2 lost signals announced with first trailer

The highly anticipated indie sequel arrives in 2021.


Today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase contained the surprising announcement from Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Night School Studios game. The first Oxfree A group of teenagers followed suit investigating the mysterious radio signals on an island, and players will be able to return to the world of Oxenfree later this year.

The first Oxenfree had an interactive story that was shaped by the choices made by the players. The dialogue was so well written that the game was nominated for Best Narrative at the 2016 Game Awards. While the teaser revealed little, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals will feature a new cast of characters who also explore the mystery of the strange radio signals. This is probably the best choice for a sequel, as the original game had multiple endings and creating a straight-ahead sequel would only hit some of the players’ choice cannon, which could change a little about what made Oxenfree so special.

Oxenfree fans have been hoping for a sequel since the first game was released in 2016, but Night School Studio has been busy with other projects like Hell’s Adventure After the party and a Mr. Robot Spin-off game. Night School’s unique way of building worlds and telling complex but interactive stories already makes Oxenfree II: Lost Signals one of the most exciting indie games to look forward to this year.

Oxfree II lost signals

Night school studio

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Fans of indie games will also be happy to know Annapurna, the publisher behind it Florence and What’s left of Edith Finchalso announced two new titles in the storefront. Last stop is a supernatural adventure game in which players explore three intertwined stories in July. The teaser for indulgence shows a unique visual style that players can get their hands on later this year.

Another title that should be on the radar of gamers who love a good story is Street 96that will provide procedurally generated narrative inspired by road trip movies from the 90s. While procedurally generated gameplay elements are already widespread in the industry, applying randomization to narration is something new. The project was announced back during the Game Awards 2020, but the Nintendo Indie Showcase confirmed that Road 96 will be released later this year.

You can now check out the full Nintendo Indie World Showcase which also gives us a new look at retro style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time and reveals the classic Has, one of the first big titles of the current indie wave, will finally be available on the Nintendo Switch. The sequel for Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is currently planned for 2021.

Check out the Oxenfree II: Lost Signals trailer below:

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