Nene Leakes Will get Dragged By Claudia Jordan For Laughing At Her Home Abuse Expertise — Says She Cheated On Gregg Leakes With A Soccer Participant

Nene Leakes and Claudia Jordan had an epic feud during the one season Claudia was part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. After Nene said in a video that attending Cynthia Bailey’s wedding wouldn’t benefit her, Jordan had something to say.

Claudia saw the video clip on a fan page and decided to comment.

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‘It didn’t benefit any of the guests to come- if we didn’t care about Cynthia and Mike. But when you care about someone it ‘benefits you’ plenty to see them happy and smile and you ‘get’ something outta that. I love seeing people happy. Even people I don’t rock with anymore. Let’s not be so busy trying to show how unbothered we are that we make a fool outta ourselves. Bad answer. Just say you couldn’t make it or felt [uncomfortable] going. Too many people making this wedding about THEM.’

After Nene responded with laughing emoji’s to a comment on her page that made fun of Claudia’s domestic violence survival story, the RHOA alum unleashed.

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‘Let Cynthia have this moment. As much as I [don’t f*ck with you], I’d never laugh at you getting hurt by some man. But that’s typical NeneEvil [and] miserable with a rotten spirit. That’s why you will most likely never work again in television in any real credible way. No one wants to deal with that. Your attitude sucks, you’re a talentless, illiterate, narcissistic bully who thinks you’re far more important than you really are. Your brand is being rude, abrasive, [and] arrogant. You’re a joke, a punchline at best.’

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She went on to make startling allegations: ‘Maybe it’s time I LEAK the backstory of how we came to know each other back in 2009 when [you] needed an assist while you were out bopping behind Gregg’s back with a certain football player?? That’s the real reason you came for me so hard on ‘your’ show. You knew I knew [and] kept your secret. You thought calling me a ‘hoe’ would make you less of one? Na B. Only ONE of us has ever traded [p***y] for red bottoms- and it ain’t me!’

What do you think about this response? Was it too much or should Nene not have responded to the negative comment?


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