MUZZ starts virtual reality tour with Teddy Killerz, Feint & More

So far in the pandemic, we’ve seen many artists, brands, and creators launch live streaming shows, whether it’s one-time streams or fully produced festivals. We have also seen a growing number of virtual reality creations and MUZZ is about to take this to the next level.

MUZZ & SlyFest have announced the world’s first artist tour in virtual reality. On this monumental occasion, 8 performances will be shown every Saturday evening for 8 weeks at 8 different virtual venues, including MUZZ’s own venue. All shows are 100% free so absolutely anyone can participate. Selected dates are broadcast at peak times in multiple time zones. All that attendees need is a computer with VRchat installed (completely free) – a VR headset is not required, although this definitely improves immersion. For those who can’t make it, the events will be broadcast live on Twitch as soon as it happens.

Events include intense audiovisual media, custom light shows, real pole dancers performing in virtual reality (yes, you read that right), and artist meet and greets in the virtual venues.

With a huge lineup already announced for select dates including Teddy Killerz, Feint, Mollie Collins and many more to be announced, it’s safe to say that MUZZ is giving us a glimpse into the future of online appearances .

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