May J Bliges Ex Kendu’s Lover HIM DUMPS; Has baby from another man !!!

Music superstar Mary J Blige giggles a bit these days. It turns out that the woman with whom Mary claims her ex-husband cheated on Kendu – cheated on him. The beautiful alleged former co-chick left Kendu up and dry – and had a baby with another man.

What goes around comes around?

Four years ago, Mary J. Blige filed for divorce from Kendu Isaacs. In an interview a few years later, Mary told The Breakfast Club that Kendu had cheated on her with her young protégé – Starshell. According to Mary, she asked Kendu to end the relationship and when he refused, she filed for divorce.

MTO News can now confirm that Starshell (37) and Kendu (52) are no longer together. Starshell has “dumped” Mary’s ex – and lives her best life with her new husband.

Perhaps now that Kendu was no longer associated with Mary J. Blige, there was little point ???

IG STAR ABORTS TWINS; Accused of “double homicide”

Either way, Starshell found the love of their life and according to their IG page, the couple recently got married. The couple also have a child together.

Here are some pictures of Starshell and her new Bae, who also appears to be her age and has her best life. Look at god …..

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