MacGyver Scoop: The heated moment that would have led to that first kiss


One extremely heated moment – and not necessarily the good one – would have resulted in MacGyver and Riley sharing their first kiss if the CBS drama had been extended for season six.

As revealed in TVLine’s exclusive post-series Q&A about the final with showrunner Monica Macer, the discovery that Desi’s former fiancé was actually alive – in an early, Black Hawk Down-like episode of season six – would have paved the way for the breakup of leveled their relationship with Mac.

But what would (and finally!) Have brought Mac and Riley (played by Lucas Till and Tristin Mays) together?

What if I told you that, as in Riley’s cheerful gang of young hackers, The Brink would play a key role?

As previously reported, at the beginning of season six, Matty (played by Meredith Eaton) wanted to send Riley undercover with the nefarious organization that wants to use nanobot technology to create Manchurian candidate-like agents.

To get Riley’s cover up, the team-based hacker wanted to ask that Brink members Brooklyn and Sara (Harlan Drum and Emerson Paige) be added to the Phoenix team on a full-time basis. When Phoenix financier Russ shrank, “it would create a rift between him and Riley, and it would lead Riley to resign – but it was all planned by Matty,” Macer told TVLine. “That’s how we wanted to put it [Riley, Brooklyn and Sara] Undercover because Riley would say, “I can take my entire team to this new job.”

Then Mac would weigh itself. And the truths would be told.

> Riley’s resignation “would lead to a heated argument between her and Mac,” says Macer, “and that would ultimately lead them to admit the truths about how they felt, how they feel.” And it should end with a kiss too. “

To recap, “Desi (Levy Tran) would sit down with her ex-fiancé Evan again,” said Macer, while “Mac and Riley, you are the hero couple. That was always the end game for us; We just didn’t know the end would come in the end of [Season 5]. ”

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