Luma & Blanke team up for an emotionally liberating single, “Like A Nightmare”

Humility is extremely important as an artist. Even when you grow up, the ego can prevent you from finding incredible opportunities and wonderful people to work with. white personAs great as it has gotten in recent years, it is his first time stepping on a song as a featured artist and not only is it fantastic, it shows its true character by mentioning that it won’t be the last.

“Like A Nightmare” by LumaAt its core, with Blanke feels like a real collaboration. Though Luma is the main artist, Blanke’s influence on the production and songwriting is easily felt.

“We all loved someone we shouldn’t,” explains Luma. “’Like a Nightmare’ is the acceptance we face when we know that the last thing we need is exactly what we want. This song was written in a single session with Blanke and Riley Thomas during Nashville Electronic Writers’ Camp 2019 at the Spotify Secret Genius Studio and has since inspired me to agree with the fact that we sometimes pick the wrong people. Sometimes we hold on for way too long and learn the lesson a little too late. It is a reminder of our humanity and our fragility as humans, especially when it comes to love. “

Blanke also wrote a short message about the song, below –

A little note about our new song.
ILY @hernameisluma 🧡🤗

– white (@blankemusic) April 15, 2021

Listen to “Like A Nightmare” below!

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