Lorde delivers summer vibes in the music video for “Solar Power”, their first new song in 4 years

Gentlemen hugs chilled summer vibes in their optimistic new track “Solar Power”.

The artist, who hasn’t released an album since the critically acclaimed 2017 melodrama, released on the 10th. The video shows Lorde in a yellow crop top and skirt hanging on a secluded shore with a dozen bohemian-chic beach dwellers.

The happy song is a departure from the star’s typical moody melodies, with lyrics like “My high-colored cheeks, overripe peaches / No shirt, no shoes, just my facial features / My boy behind me, he’s taking pictures / Lead the boys.” and girls on the beaches / Come one, come everyone, I’ll tell you my secrets / I’m a little bit like a prettier Jesus. “

In addition to releasing the new music video, Lorde also sent a letter to fans about their new music in an email newsletter. In it she stated that she had written “Solar Power” with her long-time producer Jack Antonoff about the “contagious, flirtatious summer energy that grips us all”. She also announced that Solar Power will also be the title of her new album.

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