Lil Uzi caught “cheating” on JT; With Yung Miami’s SISTER !! (DETAILS)

City Girls rappers Lil Uzi and JT are one of the hottest couples in hip hop. But MTO News has learned that UZI may have tried to step on JT with her best friend’s sister, Yung Miami.

And it was Yung Miami’s sister who brought the attempted affair to BLAST.

Last week, Uzi made news for cursing Yung Miami on Instagram Live. Yung Miami’s sister came to Careesha’s defense yesterday – and put Uzi on Blast.

Lil Uzi curses young MIAMI on IG LIVE

According to Yung Miami’s sister, Lil Uzi slipped into her DMs and tried to connect with her. She claims that Uzi did this behind the back of his girlfriend JT.

And it provided evidence. The pretty sister showed DMs where Uzi left hearts and tried to get her attention. The posts were allegedly made behind JT’s back:


JT responded immediately to the allegations. JT alleged that Yung Miami’s sister “lied” and “photoshopped” the DMs to embarrass Uzi. Look:


But Yung Miami’s sister clapped back, saying that the messages are real and that JT’s husband is a scam. She also pointed out that she helped raise JT as a child:


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