Law & Order: Carisi and Rollins from SVU are dating! (Or at least that’s what her dad thinks) – Watch the video

In defense of Rollins’ father … can you blame him?

The exclusive insight from Law & Order: SVU (NBC, 9 / 8c) shows us tonight Carisi once again supports Rollins with her family in difficult times. This time it is the result of her father’s mini-stroke. As Rollins explains in the clip above, after his episode Jim is in a facility in New York City – and while she’s glad he’s alive, she is aware that things could easily have gone the other way.

“She’s looking for her father,” says series star Kelli Giddish TVLine before the episode. “But now she’s worried too, and it’s that other time in life that you have to take care of your parents, you know? And she has young children too, so she has to prioritize. But also the family of the family. “

Jim is fine in the video below, feeling well enough to let Amanda know about her tastes in men and assume that she and Sonny – who are in tow – are an item.

Carisi is “definitely her first call,” adds Giddish. “It’s a very deep friendship. But there’s still the tension he wanted to tell her that he has a girlfriend [in an earlier episode]. Carisi was about to tell Rollins that he has someone and that he is pushing something like this. “And while Rollins and Carisi don’t date, he’s” the person you rely on for camaraderie and who you know and who may later transform into something else, “says the actress. “But at the moment she has her hands full and Carisi understands that and supports her.”

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