Kodak Black’s guard seriously injured in Florida shootout – Update!

According to some new reports, a member of Kodak Black The team was shot and is currently recovering in the hospital. Here are the details!

Apparently there was a shootout outside a Tallahassee, Florida McDonald’s and the rapper’s bodyguard was injured.

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This was first reported by TMZ, the news agency, which mentioned that the attack occurred just hours after the Cultur3 Fest music festival headline.

Allegedly, Kodak was “followed by several cars that tried to cut them off as they left a nightclub”.

The rapper and his entourage stopped at a McDonald’s and “blocked the entrance with a car” while Kodak went in to collect their order.

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It was at this point that the scary shooting occurred. The gunman was reportedly in one of the cars that followed the man.

This resulted in his guard being shot in one of his legs and being rushed to the hospital because one of the bullets hit an artery.

Kodak was removed from the scene unharmed in an armored car.

His attorney Bradford Cohen told TMZ that Kodak was not in the car, the gunners had opened fire, and that his guard was inside rather than outside the vehicle.

Cohen also assured everyone that the bodyguard is now in “stable condition”.

This happens just a few months after Kodak Black was pardoned by former POTUS Donald Trump.

The rapper was previously arrested for “lying on background check forms while buying multiple firearms in two separate incidents” – charges he pleaded guilty to.

He was sentenced to no less than 46 months in prison, originally scheduled to end in August 2022.

Instead, he served about half that time and was released in January of that year.

Trump argued that Kodak deserved the pardon because it was deeply involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors, was engaged in supporting a variety of charitable endeavors, and donated $ 50,000 to David Portnoy’s Barstool Fund [while incarcerated], providing funding to small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “

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