Khloe Kardashian calls for raw bikini photo to be scrubbed off the internet as she fears her body dysmorphism is growing

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly having a breakdown after an assistant leaked an unfiltered bikini photo of the 36-year-old mother of a person going viral on the internet. Khloe reportedly worked her legal team overtime to remove the photo from the internet, and some say it is further evidence that Khloe may be suffering from body dysmorphism. The photo shows Khloe Kardashian fresh and with a brown leopard print bikini. The photo looks significantly different from one that also appeared on Facebook, with Khloe wearing the same bikini.

On her official Facebook photo, Khloe’s tummy looks completely smooth and her waist is noticeably smaller than her hips. In the unauthorized photo, Khloe has some noticeable stains on her meat, such as: B. where your hamstring muscle is pressing on your other leg. There are also noticeable shadows on her stomach. The most interesting thing about the photo is how people react to it – people love it!

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Khloe is constantly sharing photos on social media that are under scrutiny to look unreal. In several of her recent campaign photos, she was beaten for abnormally large feet, legs and hands. Some asked if Khloe had body dysmorphism and couldn’t tell the pictures looked strange and unnatural. Now a question if the reason she wants to scrub the bikini photo is because she has body dysmorphism and is not realizing how beautiful she looks.

The Daily Mail published an article about the photo and included a head-to-head comparison of Khloe’s picture and one of her approved photos. Now the conversation focuses on social media and the unrealistic expectations that many have for photos that have been airbrushed and are not a true representation of reality.

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What do you think of reports that Khloe’s team removed the photo from the internet? Do you think it’s a sign that something is wrong? Do you feel that social media does more harm than good when it presents unrealistic images as beauty standards?

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