Kelly Clarkson reveals 6 yr previous daughter River's hilarious zoom trick to get out of faculty

As many students know, distance learning is not easy, however Kelly Clarkson6 year old daughter River Maybe you found a way to make it work.

In a clip from the Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer "Behind These Hazel Eyes" spoke to a flute teacher in her virtual audience about lessons in video chat. Then Kelly admitted that her daughter had found an interesting way to avoid her schoolwork.

"It's just so hard to get her to focus in general in the classroom. My daughter does this, I don't know if you've got these kids, but it's pretty fun. She'll do that," Kelly said, mocking after river "freezes" in front of the camera. "She's just going to pretend she's frozen so she doesn't have to do what she tells her to."

While the American Idol alum noted that her daughter was getting "points for the comedy," she said she really had to "roll it up, dude."

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