John Travolta’s daughter Ella shows a new look in Rare Selfie

Ella Travolta rocks’ a bangin ‘new’ do.

Over the weekend, John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s daughter recorded the gram to reveal that she is now sporting a sleek bang. Your inspiration? A 9 year old Ella, of course.

“I haven’t had a pony since I was nine … so let’s go again, I think!” She shared before adding, “At least for a while.”

Ella’s aunt, Wendy Travolta, noticed that the 21-year-old looks like a “boy” Liv Tyler, “A comment that some Instagram users agreed with.

Like Liv, Ella hopes to cause a sensation in the film industry. In March, she announced that she had been infused Daniela Amavia‘s new film Get Lost which, according to Deadline, is a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland.

Ella has previously appeared in films such as her father’s 2009 film Wild Hogs and most recently The Poison Rose. However, this is her first role as the main character.

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