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How To Save Money on Gas at Shell Gas | T-Mobile Tuesdays

Mar 17

How To Save Money on Gas at Shell Gas | T-Mobile Tuesdays


Hi, my name is Susana with T-Mobile.
Today, I'm gonna show you how to save on Shell Gas thanks to T-Mobile Tuesdays.
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Let's get started you started. You start by launching the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Don't forget to drop a comment below and tell us what your favorite T-Mobile Tuesday reward is.
Now scroll down and select "Shell." Here you'll select "save" then "redeem". You will then be routed to the Fuel Rewards app. Be sure to install the app if you don't
already have it.


Next, you'll be prompted to log in or select "join now" to create
an account. After logging in, a pop-up screen will autofill your reward code, and here
you'll select "apply". Once applied, you will see a success confirmation screen. Click OK and you will see your updated rewards balance. Now stop by your local
participating Shell gas station, enter your ID at the pump, and start saving. Be sure to let us know what How To videos you want to see by leaving a
comment below. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for the next video!.

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