Harry Melling is a lot greater than Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter movies

At this point, Harry pondered how his character was reevaluating his love of chess, purpose in life, and more.

"His world is moving somehow," he passed on. "And I think what he holds on to all these changes is a feeling of honor, it's a feeling of doing the right thing, it's really a feeling of love. Love beyond romantic love for that person."

After giving that insightful answer, Harry quipped, "But I couldn't talk about what was exciting about him. Maybe there is something about it! I don't know."

Not only did Harry share the same name, but he also identified other similarities that he shares with his Queen's Gambit character.

"There will be similarities in every character you play I think," he declined. "There is a softness for both of us, there is a thoughtfulness, there is perhaps a fullness of soul."

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