Godzilla Vs. Kong was just having a massive opening weekend, raising hopes for more of the MonsterVerse

Another interesting statistic to keep in mind with all of this is the audience’s request to see Godzilla vs. Kong on the largest screen available. IMAX officially announced that over 1,000 screenings across North America are sold out and that $ 4.5 million of domestic sales come from their locations (aka just under 10 percent). This is a particularly interesting aspect of these results when you look at the day-and-date release model that Warner Bros. developed for the blockbuster. For months there have been concerns that the convenience of being able to stream the movie on HBO Max would spark interest in seeing it on the big screen – but the numbers hardly reflect the devastating impact. It is true that due to A) the secrecy of the streaming numbers and B) the ongoing pandemic, it is difficult to gauge how things have turned out, but what we are seeing here suggests that people don’t always get lazy Choice, and authentically enjoy the experience of watching a movie in a theater (which seems like a situation where the word “duh” can be applied, but here we are).

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