French Montana stops consuming – reveals its new BIFF physique !!

Rapper French Montana has announced that he has stopped drinking alcohol.

The rapper and well-known party-goer recently shared the news in an interview with XXL.

The rapper says he's been working non-stop for 20 years – but the fast paced life eventually caught up with him.


"Just collapsed, drank too much, too many pills," he said. "Perocet starts out as pain relief, and then it becomes a hobby, and then it becomes an addiction."

He continued, “I just finished French 2.0. And so I changed it. Stepping back, taking two steps back, no music dropped, social media detox … and I think that was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life snapping back. For me, one of my greatest achievements was stopping everything and just stepping back. Top two after I brought my mom back to Africa … So that was the day, it was November 21st last year. And since that day I haven't had anything to drink. I've just done a year. "

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