Feds reportedly dubbed NBA Youngboy’s case “Operation Never Free Again”

It seems that the Feds are hoping to keep Youngboy NBA behind bars for a long time … and, according to a lawyer, they are calling their case against him, Operation “Never Free Again”.

He was arrested on March 23 on a pending arrest warrant from the FBI, but his lawyers have described the arrest as an “inexplicable tactical government decision”.

“This massive and completely unnecessary militaristic demonstration of violence and intimidation to arrest a person on a status offense who was already in custody on the same state charge and represented by a lawyer, for a highly visible and public figure with no history Has.” Law enforcement history of escaping, created a dangerous situation for everyone involved when law enforcement could have simply contacted Mr. Gaulden’s attorney and arranged a voluntary surrender, “said Manasseh attorneys, Gill, Knipe, & Belanger PLC and Drew Findling in the pre-test version request.

They said the officers were too heavily curled up during the arrest and any firearms found had not been used.


“The only evidence of their motivation behind this decision is the title of Operation NEVER FREE AGAIN, a clear attack on the” Never Broke Again “brand of the defendant and related legal entities,” the court documents read via WAFB.

Youngboy was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and a firearm that was not registered with him after a raid on a music video shoot in September 2020. Youngboy and 16 others were arrested in Baton Rouge on drug and gun charges.

For three months, Baton Rouge police were ordered to return more than $ 40,000 in cash, a cash register check for $ 300,000 and two diamond necklaces that were confiscated during the arrest.

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