Eva Marcille shares a cute family photo that will make you smile

Eva Marcille shared a photo on her social media account that impressed fans. You can also check it out below and see gorgeous Marley!

Someone said, “They both look at Grandma so adoringly,” and another follower posted this message, “Marley is so adorable and elegant”.

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Another follower said, “Wow time goes by, they grow so fast, hi Marley & Mikey” and one commenter wrote, “So much beauty and power in this picture”

One commenter said: ‘Marley is giving me my FULL LIFE. She is such a little lady, ”and someone else wrote,“ They are such beautiful little children, Eva. Wonderful family. 💕👑👑 ‘

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One follower said, “Hey, I know you are watching my cousin right now and please all the time Eva is a good girl, leave her alone,” and another commenter posted this message for the haters, “You are so ignorant and insensitive, so beautiful little girl looks like her two parents and why should she be angry, this is her child and she loves her. ‘

Someone else said, “@evamarcille your daughter looks just like her dad. I know you look at her and you’re crazy,” and one commenter wrote, “Marley is beautiful!”

Eva Marcille raved about her husband Mike Sterling on social media and she posted about him. Check out the re-post that Eva shared on her IG account.

‘Talk about it @miketsterling Repost by @foxsoul We all watched the process play out and the experts stopped by to help us analyze all of the events. @miketsterling stops by the #FoxSoulBlackReport to further break down the defense and law enforcement case and case. Further updates can be found on weekdays at 7p / 4p PT only at FOX SOUL! ‘Eva labeled her post.

Eva lives her best life with her family these days.

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