Erica Mena shows her flawless figure and the fans are blown away

Erica Mena shows off her amazing figure on social media and fans and followers are blown away by her beauty. Check out the post she shared on her IG account.

“She is proof that it is possible,” Erica captioned her post.

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Someone said: “You ALWAYS get the job. A + 🔥😍” and one follower wrote: “Looks good, Erica, has always been pretty. So please don’t mess with your FACE anymore, UR 2 beautiful. Oh and beautiful Picture. ‘

One commenter wrote: ‘Yes !!!! I saw that you are a journey. And love how far you’ve come … and the person you are and ‘and someone else said,’ Ayi mena 😍❤️ the rebound game is serious 👏🙌 ‘

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Another follower said, “So beautiful and beautiful, bae womany @iamerica_mena” while a fan wrote this, “As always, the most spectacular and dazzling and breathtaking and sensual and beautiful”.

Someone else said, ‘Fine. Follow my page for quotes to agree with, “and one commenter wrote,” I don’t care what nobody says about you @iamerica_mena I adore you so much. “

In other news, Erica Mena showed the amazing dress her daughter Safire Majesty has. It’s a version of her mother’s wedding dress and it’s amazing. Check out the video below.

‘@ryanpatrosofficial & @waltercollection literally gave me butterflies again. @safiremajesty now has her own version of my wedding dress. I tear it up to look at it. That feels it brings me. I can’t thank you Kings enough. The thoughtfulness and time it took you to do this for her is sooo much appreciated. We’ll keep this forever! ‘Said Erica.

Erica lives her best life with her daughter and husband Safaree. These two reportedly broke up not that long ago, but it seems they eventually managed to fix things and get back together.

Fans couldn’t be happier for her.

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