Erica Mena breaks the internet with her toned body – Check out the photo

Erica Mena shared a photo showing off her toned body and people are really impressed. Check out the photo below.

Someone said, “What is your regime woman? I can’t go any further and say I’m baby weight, damn it, I had these twins almost two years ago.”

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Another follower posted this message: “So you just put this picture here, look body.”

Another follower said “All about her” and another follower said “Perfection @iamerica_mena”.

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Someone else said, “Beautiful and beautiful and stunning, absolutely fabulous and flawless,” and another follower said, “Girl, your body looks great!”

Someone else said, “You would look so good with a short haircut,” and one follower said, “Why I looked at this picture and said ‘ok America’ – like waiting for her name ERICA, but it looks like would tell America. ” I knew your name but still said America. ‘

One follower said: “Let’s not reenact square shit this time … wicked and nobler than ever @iamerica_mena”

In other breaking news, Erica Mena revealed some of her hair secrets, and you can check them out below. See her video.

‘@vegamour My is GO To Baby for scalp and hair treatments at home! @vegamour Was officially part of my journey to healthy hair so now I no longer have to go to the salon for my scalp and hair treatments. I saw my hair bloom even more. I take my hair vitamins daily and use @vegamour to help my hair continue its healthy growth process. At @vegamour, growth and wellness are deeply anchored in the brand and product DNA, ”wrote Erica.

Erica broke up with Safaree and the fans really don’t know what these two are up to these days.

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