Ending without regret: How it will determine the future of the Clancyverse

A year later, John Clark and Robert Ritter meet in DC, as Ritter is newly promoted to CIA director. Clark has pondered the events of the end of Without Remorse and how he doesn’t want a repetition. Much like how his friend had a plan to save his life, John Clark has his own plan to make sure that something like this can be prevented before it happens again.

“A multinational counter-terrorism team” is his proposal, with the US, Great Britain and “a handful of selected NATO employees” forming their ranks. It will have the “full support of the national intelligence services” and will be directed by Clark himself. And it should be called rainbow, for very personal reasons that John Clark does not want to reveal. That’s fine, because for fans of the Clancyverse, the mere setup of Rainbow Six is ​​new enough for now.

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