Emma Chamberlain displays on YouTube's "gorgeous" profession on the Individuals's Selection Awards 2020

From the Dollar Store to the People & # 39; s Choice Awards, Emma Chamberlain I can't believe it has skyrocketed in the past three years.

On Sunday November 15, Emma picked up the Pop Podcast and Social Star Awards at the 2020 E! People & # 39; s Choice Awards. And in her acceptance speech video, she reflected on the wild ride that has taken her to this point in her career.

The 19-year-old YouTuber said, "This is so crazy for me. Three years ago when I started my channel, I would have said to myself that I am here now and will receive two People's Choice Awards. I said that you lied. And I know everyone says that, but this is really mind blowing to me. "

She added, "Thank you for supporting me over the years and growing up with me. It has been the craziest, coolest experience of my entire life. I wouldn't be here without you and I appreciate each and every one of you more than you You could ever understand. "

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