Dynasty Season 4: Who’s in the Coffin? Plus More Premiere Qs Answered


Dynasty returned on Friday with the first of the final episodes of last season – which seems appropriate as it sets the stage for a final-level drama.

Let’s start with the four words every fan has in mind: Who is in the coffin? The premiere on Friday kicked off with a six-month flash-forward showing Fallon paying her respects at a funeral.

“We know it’s definitely not Fallon,” showrunner Josh Reims tells TVLine of the corpse in question. “As the season progresses, we’ll see a few more people at the funeral to keep them out. We’ll find out whose funeral it is in episode 13. “If the season goes on without a break, as is currently planned, this big reveal will arrive on Friday July 30th. A nice summer pleasure!

Now for a more urgent matter: is there hope for Blake and Cristal’s toxic marriage now that he knows about her affair with Father Collins and she knows about his with Laura Van Kirk? It depends on your definition of the word “hope”.

“In a way, we’re making them stronger than ever this season,” said Reims. “Of course there will be ups and downs, but you will see that they work together more than in the past. Toxic isn’t a wrong word, but I think the audience will be looking for them. “

In the meantime, you can expect to see a lot more of Ryan (aka “Scorpio”), who surprised Sam this week in Atlanta and raised some red flags in the process.

“My big panic was that all of these actors that we had in the last two episodes weren’t available when we restarted, but we were able to get banned [Lachlan Buchanan] for a number of episodes, ”says Reims. “He and Sam have had a long history of relationships, although of course everything will explode in its dynasty nice way. It’s about a strip club, that’s all I can say. “

And when Anders was closer than ever to uncovering the truth about Adam’s filthy past, the estranged Carrington came to Kirby in a moment of desperation (mostly) clean.

“It makes them look at him a little differently, but what I like about this couple is that they are two equally damaged people,” says Reims. “While some characters would hear this and say they never want to speak to him again, Kirby understands that everyone has demons. She doesn’t react like she’s appalled, which is a twist on what you’d expect. She’s also going a pretty crazy path of her own this season. “

Next week’s episode gives us the long-awaited wedding of Fallon and Liam, and if today’s closing scene was any indication of that, Trixie’s brother Evan will make it a memorable affair.

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