Dr. Dre & # 39; s estranged spouse loses BIG in divorce case

Dr. Dre and his wife, Nicole Young, were married for twenty-four years. This year the couple split and are embroiled in one of the most chaotic divorce battles in music history. Young, determined to get what she believes is her rightful stake in the couple's trillion-dollar empire, received a capital "L" this week, MTO News learned.

Nicole tries to reach half of the couple's empire which includes Beats By Dre, several other brand partnerships, and music masters worth decades.

However, for much of that year, her divorce proceedings had dragged on in court, and Nicole seems tired of the wait.


According to a report by The Blast, she tried to sanction the legendary producer / artist by accusing him of withholding financial documents, including contracts containing other personal financial information and tax returns, in order to evade her money and force things to go his way .

But the court didn't see things that way and denied her request for relief. The court said:

"The court also notes that the imposition of sanctions at this stage and in view of the events here is regarded as unjustified," said a response from a judge from the Los Angeles Supreme Court. This comes after Nicole said Dre refused to sit down on a personal deposit that would include Nicole. Dre & # 39; s estranged wife was supposed to ask him about his alleged lovers, finances, and more.

This is Nicole's second major loss as her $ 2 million per month temporary spousal assistance application was also denied by the court earlier this year.

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