Dolly Parton, the queen of glitz and glamor, is launching her personal magnificence model

Dolly Parton works 9 to 5.

The legendary singer can look forward to 2021. Not only has she funded leading research for a coronavirus vaccine, but the 74-year-old icon recently announced that she will be launching her own beauty brand next spring.

Dolly announced her long-term licensing deal with Edge Beauty, according to WWD, which first covered the news on Friday, December 11th. Although specific details about the country star's brand have not yet been revealed, the "Jolene" singer will definitely be releasing perfume based on one of her signature fragrances when her line debuts.

"Scent has always played a big role in my life – I wear my own combination of scents every day," Dolly said in a statement to the magazine. "Developing my own brand and fragrance with Edge Beauty has been an amazing experience and I look forward to becoming a big part of the fragrance community."

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